The United States

After [[Serpentfall | Serpentfall]], a series of tsunamis were generated when the Midgard Serpent collapsed back into the sea.  These did considerable damage to the East Coast of the US.  The Gulf Coast sustained some damage but was spared the worst of it.  However, the worst was yet to come.

Radioactive fallout, enfused with magical serpent blood and venom fell throughout the eastern portion of the US.  The entire country was affected, but everything east of the Rocky Mountains was hit the hardest.  Wherever it fell, it had unusual and often disastrous effects.  Water that it fell in was tainted.  Anything that drank the tainted water was likely to die.  Anything that didn't die was changed, usually in horrible ways.

Many animals were mutated by the fallout.  Most mutants did not survive, but some bred true.  Most of these mutants are noticeably snake-like.  Others have grown to unusual sizes.  Still others exhibit abilities previously unknown.  Giant snakes and other reptiles are the most common result of this, but other creatures, some seemingly out of legend, have also been reported.

Another effect of the fallout was the sudden appearance of undead.  Corpses exposed to the fallout are likely to spontaneously reanimate.  Several types of undead have been documented, but skeletons, zombies, and ghouls are the most common.  All are immanent threats to any nearby settlements.

The eastern US remains a wilderness area.  There are small city states that have arisen, but most are small and struggling to survive.  Some warlords have arisen with gangs under their control and seek out to conquer their own kingdoms, and they have some protection against the undead, monsters, and worse that lurk the the outlands of the east.  Expeditions into the east for information, supplies, or to recover specific items are common, but very dangerous.

The United States

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