Marconi Gun

The Marconi Gun is a recent ophitech advancement that utilizes microbes found in the Midgard Serpent's intestines as the basis for a microbial fuel cell.  It fires a blast of microwave radiation (which often appears as a bolt of lightning) at target.  The weapon can burn flesh and disrupt electronics, and can create an explosive electrical discharge in metal.

The first Marconi Guns were engineered and produced by Great Britain.  The British version of the weapon also features a stun setting, a low damage setting, and a high damage setting.  Hughes's version does not currently feature multiple settings (though he is researching that capability for future models), but is more reliable than the British version.

Weapon type:  Medium Pistol

Damage:  5 

Special features:  Attacks made with this pistol have an asset in ranged combat attacks.  In addition, some armor may not be effective against attacks from this weapon.

Depletion:  1 in 1d20

Marconi Gun

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