The Cross of Saint Anthony

This silver cross is very worn and scratched, showing signs of great age and use.  Other than being made of silver, there is nothing ostentatious about it – it is a very simple icon of faith.  This particular icon has been imbued with a portion of its namesake's power.  When worn or carried, it provides its wielder with a measure of physical protection.  I also can heal its wielder or another character once per day.

The Cross of St. Anthony

A Protecting icon that Heals

Effect:  Provides wielder +1 to Armor and an Asset on Speed Defense

Upon activation, can give an extra Recovery Roll that heals as the Recovery Roll would normally +2 additional points. These points return slowly, at a rate of 1 point per round

Depletion:  1 in 1d20

The Cross of Saint Anthony

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