The Knife of Jim Bowie

While Jim Bowie's colorful past is well known to most students of Texas history and folklore, some areas of his life have remained hidden.  It is believed that Bowie established himself as a first-rate undead fighter, and that at least one of his prize Bowie knives was specially enchanted to aid him.  This particular blade is known to have been in Bowie's possession.  It is preternaturally sharp and on command the blade is surrounded with a corona of magical flame.  The blade is also plated with silver, further enhancing its effectiveness against some undead.

Jim Bowie’s Knife

A Silver-plated Flaming Knife that Cuts Off Limbs, 5 dmg (counts as fire damage, light as torch). 

On a Minor Effect (19), roll on this chart:

Roll      Limb                 Effect

1          Left Arm           Penalty

2          Right Arm        Penalty

3          Left Leg            Cannot move without assistance

4          Right Leg          Cannot move without assistance

5          Left Hand          Penalty

6          Right Hand        Penalty

For a missing arm or hand, the target has a penalty on any action that requires or benefits from two hands, such as climbing or balancing, or possibly speed defense. In addition, the target cannot wield a melee weapon AND a shield at the same time. The target is unable to make use of both hands or arms unless fitted with a suitable prosthesis.

On a major effect, the weapon lops off the target’s head and instantly kills the target. If the target is not humanoid, this attack severs another vital part of the target’s anatomy. Note that some targets (such as undead, elementals, and many robots) cannot be killed by the loss of a head or a single part of their anatomy.

The Knife of Jim Bowie

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