The Rev. Dr. Pierre Bernard Hill

An older member of the Texas Rangers, Dr. Hill is also their chaplain and a poet. Having served as a missionary in the Far East, Dr. Hill is very knowledgeable of the weird and fantastic of this new world.


Dr. Hill was born in Virginia in 1877 and after traveling the US and the world as a Presbyterian missionary, he and his family settled near San Antonio in the early 1920s, where Dr. Hill planted a series of 5 churches. In 1928, he was commissioned as Chaplain of the Texas Rangers and currently heads the Rangers’ Office of Special Investigations.

Thanks to his travels and studies, Dr. Hill quickly became an expert in occult and supernatural phenomena. By the time of Serpentfall, Dr. Hill was a Captain in the Rangers and is their foremost expert on the creatures that followed the Midgard Serpent into our world.

Though he remains a country pastor first and foremost, Dr. Hill is as comfortable with his .45 as his Bible. He has shown a to be a quick study in criminology and psychology, and is noted for his interest in rehabilitating youthful offenders and his ability to arrest targets without violence.

Dr. Hill often serves as an instructor and mentor to new Rangers and freelancers the Rangers hire, and is well known to the party when the campaign starts.

The Rev. Dr. Pierre Bernard Hill

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