Mayor Oscar Carrillo

Mayor (and former Representative) Oscar Carrillo is a crucial ally to George Parr and a vital member of The Old Party.


Oscar shares his brothers’ husky build and infectious smile. For reasons no one understands, his hair went prematurely white in his late 20s. Though he is the youngest of the Carillo brothers, he appears to be the oldest.


Mayor Oscar Carrillo is the youngest person to serve as mayor of Benevides, George Parr’s power base. Mayor Carrillo then served in the State House of Representatives for a few years but returned to Duval County to serve as mayor again shortly after Serpentfall.

Mayor Carrillo is a close ally and friend to George Parr and his family’s support is crucial to Parr remaining in control of the county. Mayor Carrillo is an active member of The Old Party, along with his brothers, Ramiro and Judge O.C. Carrillo.

There are questions as to how far the mayor’s loyalty extends, and whether he is more loyal to his family than he is to his patron and mentor …

Mayor Oscar Carrillo

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