Judge Olivero P. "O.P." Carrillo

Judge Olivero P. Carrillo is a crucial ally to George Parr and a vital member of The Old Party.


Judge Carrillo came to power through the time-honored tradition of machine politics and the patronage of George B. Parr, the Duke of Duval. He and his brothers, Mayor Oscar Carrillo and County Commissioner Ramiro Carrillo, help make certain that The Old Party, the Parr political machine, runs with few interruptions.

It was George’s idea to create a new judicial district, and this came to pass with Oscar’s influence at the State House. The position as judge was a prize Parr made sure to give to O.P., insuring himself against conviction and drawing the Carrillo family ever closer to him.

There are rumors that the Carrillos are becoming less satisfied with their roles as partners, but so far they have remained loyal and likely shall for as long as the oil (and graft money) flow through their family.

Judge Olivero P. "O.P." Carrillo

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