George B. Parr, Duke of Duval

El Patron, The Duke of Duval, George Parr is the head of The Old Party and runs Duval County like a king of old.


Parr is slightly tall and has a husky build. His hair is usually swept back with a slight part. Parr wears glasses and has never been seen without his trademark smile.


Born in 1901, George Bernham Parr is generally referred to as “El Patron” by the people of Duval County and “The Duke of Duval” by just about everyone in Texas. His father, Archie Parr, learned the ways of machine politics and patronage quickly and was the most powerful man in the county. Under Archie, Duval county became a feudal kingdom in all but name. By controlling the county sheriff, the district attorney, and the local judge, Archie assured that he’d never be arrested, charged, or found guilty of any State law.

When Archie died in 1942, the dukedom passed to George and he proved to be every bit the boss his father was. Beloved by the Hispanic majority, George kept taxes high and handed out money directly from his own pocket (which was filled with funds from the county coffers) to keep the populace both dependent and loyal to him. Though a loyal Democrat, the local political machine is known as The Old Party, and George controls it like a conductor controls his orchestra. Very little happens in Duval (or even in neighboring Jim Wells County) without The Duke’s knowledge and approval.

George is well versed in political science and theory, speaks Spanish like a native, and knows the culture and heritage of the local Hispanic population as well as if not better than they do. He is a faithful supporter of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, though some question the Duke’s piety (though never out loud).

Since Serpentfall, very little word has left Duval County. It is unknown what the Duke’s plans are, but many suspect he is no longer content to be absolute ruler of one county and has bigger designs …

George B. Parr, Duke of Duval

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