Deputy Lawrence Marquez


Health: 12

Damage: 4

Armor: 1

Move: Short

Modifications: Charm spell (Level 4), perception as Level 4, poison (Level 4, 4 damage per round)


Deputy Marquez was one of the Serpentfolk – a Pureblood, so he could blend in with humans undetected. He served as a Deputy in Alice, Texas, and no one ever suspected he used this position to further the unknown aims of his scaly kin.

He aided the party in their search for Lloyd Gage, and aided them against the chupacabra nest they found. He also aided them in destroying the vampire fledgling Gage had been turned into.

However, Marquez was also mentally controlling Rex from the time he arrived at the bus and tried to steal the case and slay the party members. Rex was able to shake off the control, and he and Douglas attacked.

Marquez was ultimately felled by an arcane blast from Claudette.

Deputy Lawrence Marquez

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