The Day After Ragnarok: One Snake Cult, One Ranger

The Darkness at Duval County (Part 3)

Signs and Portents

From the journal of Isabella Donner, March 1, 1948:

Today I found myself in a quandary of sorts.  The dreams do not come often, but when they do, they leave me in a state of shock for a few hours.  This one was no different.  

I found myself back at that place where I had first laid eyes on the crystal.  There was a hissing sound to my left, and as I turned, I found myself face to face with the largest snake I had ever seen in my life.  It had to have been six feet in diameter, nevermind the length.  I thought it wept from one eye, but as I looked closer, I saw that the eye was injured.

A roar to my right drew my attention next.  Some…creature that I have never seen or heard of, but reminded me of He Who Sleeps Under Ry’leth, came charging out of the darkness.  It and the snake began fighting each other.  

There was a screech above me, and a large bat-thing swooped near my head.  It seemed to be laughing at the conflict, before it swooped in and joined the fight.  

The images started to blur then.  A raven, cawing its displeasure. An old man who was shaking his head.  And…a salmon.  Now a mare.  Now a fly.

“This should not be,” the fly buzzed in my ear.  “You can make this right, but this should not be.”

I spent several hours staring at the ceiling in my room, debating my options, and as the sun’s light filtered into my room, I finally came to a conclusion.

I told the rest of the party sans Rex of my dream and my discovery of the crystal.  They did not find me insane, as I had feared, but instead took me at my word.  Perhaps people are not as disposable or as untrustworthy as I had first suspected.

The priests set us on our way to find information about the Eye of Camazotz in Corpus Christi at a bookstore.  They bestowed upon us several vials of Holy Water, an artifact of the church – The Cross of Saint Anthony – a silver cross that both offered both a measure of protection to its wielder and the power to heal ourselves or those we might come across, and The Knife of Jim Bowie, a truly wondrous artifact to behold.  I thought the lightning gun was a work of genius, but the knife is preternaturally sharp, silver-plated and courses with magical flame.  If Rex weren’t off looking for film, he might want it to toast bread with.

The ride to Corpus was fairly uneventful, except for the giant rattlesnake we came across – that serpent must have been at least a foot in diameter, and not less than 20 feet long if not longer!  It was uninjured, though, and about to strike Claudette.  Douglas spoke to the snake somehow, and went off to hunt with it while Claudette and I continued on.  Apparently they came across a werejavalina of all things, and Douglas has made a new friend.  

When we arrived at the bookstore, we discovered that we were not the only ones who needed help.  The bookstore owner had already been roughed up by two Hispanic men (one ina nice business suit and one in a deputy's uniform) who did not back down, even when shown our Ranger credentials.  Claudette took out the cross to heal the bookstore owner, and the men shrunk away from it.  Curious, I tossed a vial of holy water on them, and they began to smoke and writhe as if on fire.

A small skirmish later, the two vampires were either dying or had dissipated to run back to their town.  Apparently, we had attacked Oscar Carrillo and one of his deputies, which will make life a little more interesting when we return to Duval County.  We did get a bit of information about the Eye of Camazotz, though, and I have become increasingly certain that the bat in my dream was none other than Camazotz.  We have been warned to stop whatever is coming to pass, and while we may not survive the encounter, we will certainly do our best.  



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